Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Goals Revisited

We're back on track today with new goals in hand!

I talked to the diabetes specialist yesterday. I asked her about healthy weight for someone of my height and build. The last time someone ever told me an ideal weight for me was probably more than ten years ago and I think I remember the number being 180. I could have just made that up.

Thelma said that to get under 200 would be a good goal but that 180 would be harder for me to maintain. So, that's the new goal: 195. It's only 15 pounds less than my original and I plan to reassess once I reach that goal. I don't want anyone to think that because I didn't lose weight last week that I'm trying to make it easier for myself. I'm trying to make it easier for myself just by making it more realistic for myself as well. It's not really even about the numbers. I haven't been under 200  pounds since probably junior high. The number feels good. But it's about being healthy. If it's a goal that I can maintain then I have a higher chance of being healthy.

I would have to get down to 179 to be at the very top of the normal BMI range. Even 180 would put me in the overweight category. But I'm ok with that. Maybe that can be stage two?

Right now, I'm on 4 different medications including insulin. Let's work on getting off those for now?

I feel like now that I have the support and the love from you guys, it's time to start making you proud. A friend sent me this quote, "Don't sacrifice what you want the most for what you want this moment". It's my new mantra. I'm looking to the farther goal past what's going to try and sink me. It's not about weighing in every Tuesday and publishing my number and feeling either really good or really bad. That's somewhat the point but I'm looking past it to a new life. Will a new life include a cookie every now and then? You bet. But first, I have to learn to live without so that it's not something I feel entitled to. 

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